Every day there are new challenges that parents, even grandparents have never faced before. Between technology, new apps, sports, dance, school, homework, social media, friends, church and family activities. It can all be a little overwhelming!

From the time your child or grandchild is born, you only have 936 weeks till they graduate. 936 weeks to shape their love for Jesus and others during their most pivotal years. 

The bible says "teach us to number our days so that we may gain a heart of wisdom." When we think about the time we have, we tend to maximize the time we have left. So for you, parent or grandparent, it's 936 weeks, give or take a few hundred weeks! 

So, no matter if you've got this parenting (or grand-parenting) thing figured out, or if you're like most people and could use a little help, we want to invite to join us for a new series we are starting on April 8th called..."936". We are going to put a biblical strategy for parenting into motion.