WE: What a powerful word.

It's a word that brings to mind togetherness, community and strength. It's a word that combats isolation and loneliness. Every team who ever won a championship did it with "WE". Every battle won was won because of "WE". And at Grace Hill, we believe our future is better with "WE". The local church is the hope of the world and we know "WE" can accomplish infinitely more together than apart.


So, what's next? "WE" want you to take a step to move from "ME" to "WE". To get involved, to serve, to use your gifts and talents to help people find and follow Jesus Christ. Below you will see a host of serving opportunities in and through the life of our church. Click on any of the teams below to get more information, get signed up and move from "ME" to "WE"! If you are already serving in one of these areas, encourage someone you know who's not serving to sign up! Share your story with them of how much being part of "WE" has changed your life!