One of the ways that God has so richly blessed this church is with our facility. This is our home. We worship God here, we invite friends to visit here, we commit our families to the Lord here, we’ve met best friends here, we are challenged, encouraged and stretched by what takes place here. Buildings don’t reach people, people reach people.

But having a place to call home is vital in reaching and impacting the local community.

That being said, our building and property is nearing 15 years old and requires updates and improvements so that we can continue to meet the needs of our growing congregation and reach the surrounding community find and follow Jesus Christ.

In short, we need to begin to prepare for the future. And that begins now.

We desire to see our building more sustainable and inviting, including improvements  vital to the technologies that we use, projects to make us more known and visible to our community, as well as investment in our community outreach projects. We need to make this priority for our church and in doing so, the elders have determined that the best way to accomplish this is to begin a capital campaign.

This is a plan that will cover a 3 year period. It will be divided into 1 year commitment increments along with what we will be committing to in the first year. Included in this capital campaign will be infrastructure, HVAC, technical systems updates, signage and community outreach projects.

For this first year, we are seeking to raise $75,000 over and above our regular giving.
If that sounds impossible, we want you to see just how possible it is.

For example, if every family in our church gave $14.42 per week toward “FOR THE FUTURE”, we would hit our goal.

It’s that simple. $14.42 per week and we can begin making a huge difference, for the future together.




Our building is simply a tool to help people “find and follow Jesus”. It is time to invest in fixing up our church home, including HVAC and building and property updates. This facility should be the easiest thing to use as a tool for our mission.


All technology has a lifecycle. Much of the equipment we use in our sanctuary is approaching 15-20 years old and is becoming unreliable. Some of it is becoming obsolete due to changes in regulations. We want to ensure that our worship gatherings can function smoothly for years to come.


Every day there are thousands of people who drive by our property on 385, and yet they have no idea we are Grace Hill Church. We want to ensure people know who and where we are when they search for a church home. This is why we need signage facing north on our building. We already have the design and preliminary permit acknowledgement from the city of Collierville.


We want to model irrational generosity. In being obedient to the biblical principal of tithing, we want to designate 10% of the commitments from this campaign to outreach efforts in our community. Imagine the lives of those in our community we could impact with the message of the gospel!


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