Service Over Self (SOS) Camp (with Capernaum Young Life) Volunteer July 23-29

The goal of this position:  Aid and support the efforts of SOS staff as they bring the gospel to Memphis through discipleship and hands on labor efforts in repairing homes in need.


  • Popsicle Brigade, Mon-Fri, 1pm-?—Purchase and deliver popsicles to teams at worksites.
  • Staff Lunch, Wed. 12:30-2:30pm—Cook or cater a meal for staff as well as set up lunch and clean up after.
  • Picnic Dinner, Fri., 3-5:30pm—Help prepare, set up, and serve picnic dinner at a local park for all staff, partnering homeowners and neighbors.
  • Prayer Partners, Mon-Fri., 11:30am-12:30pm—Pray for campers, homeowners, staff, and the community with which we partner

Guest Reader at Germantown Elementary School

The goal of this position: Provide a fun atmosphere for the students to develop a love of reading which will in turn bolster their educational experience.  It will also show support to the teachers and allow them a chance to relax or attend to other matters at hand.


  • Choose a time weekly, monthly, or quarterly to read to a class.  You may request an age group or volunteer to be assigned where needed.
  • Show up at the requested time secured in advance, with your own age appropriate reading materials.

Varies.  Usually 1-2 short books is an appropriate amount.  Or whatever book/chapters the teacher has requested you to read.  (Approximately 30 min. max). While you are encouraged to become a regular guest reader, there will also be a specific opportunity to be a Guest Reader for Read Across America Day, a once a year event.

Extra Details:
You may be asked for identification at check-in.
Children are usually welcome to join as long as it is cleared with Jessica and GES first.

GES Special Collections Volunteer

The goal of this position: To help in collecting a number of supplies for the school, toys for the Christmas Toy Store event, or other miscellaneous items as needed.


  • Work with all volunteers to spread the word, give out information, and help collect items as needed.
  • Time:

This is a low time commitment activity.  It will mostly occur in natural day to day conversations and social media posts as we encourage each other to live with irrational generosity. 

 Neighborhood Christian Center (NCC) & GES Special Events Volunteer

The goal of this position: To show up as a representative of the body of Christ, offering your time and talent as needed.


  • Assist in any needs of the NCC and GES Toy Store events at Christmas—sorting items or food, unloading toys, guiding families through the store, wrapping gifts, greeting families.

1-4 Hours depending on specific jobs.  These events usually span a 4 hour time period from beginning to end with varying volunteer opportunities.  Usually in November and December.

Additional Information:
Children are usually welcome to join as long as it is cleared with Jessica and the event location first.

GES Teacher & Staff Meals

The goal of this position: To provide a meal for the teachers and staff at GES to show our love and support for their hard work.


  • Help deliver, pass out food, and attend an informal breakfast or lunch at GES with the teachers. 
  • Provide encouragement and support.  

Usually 1-3 hours depending on the meal.  Any amount of time you have available is encouraged.  

Additional Information:
Children are usually welcome to join as long as it is cleared with Jessica and GES first.

Additional GES Special Events

  • School Clean Up Days
  • Testing Proctors
  • Tutors
  • Special Requests