As followers of Jesus, we are inspired to follow his example by meeting the needs of people and being a light for the unfound. Because of the geographic location of Grace Hill Church and our desire to reach the community around us, we will focus the majority of our resources (both financial and volunteer capital) in Collierville and Germantown.  We will seek continued involvement in the 3G schools (Germantown Elementary, Middle and High School).  God has opened so many doors over the last 3 months.

We want our local community to be a better place because of Grace Hill Church and we seek to positively impact those we come in contact with on a daily basis.


Drive 20 minutes anywhere in Mid-South and you can find poverty, extreme hunger, crime, and pain. The opportunities for local involvement in a city like Memphis are never ending, and we want to go deep in 1-2 areas to make a lasting impact on the community. 

3G Schools - We are so excited to see the doors that have been opened to us for the "3G" schools in Germantown, TN. We are working closely with Germantown Elementary, Germantown Middle and Germantown High, The needs are great, the opportunity for sharing Christ love is even greater!  Our focus is building relationships with the teachers and faculty and showing them the love of Christ in very practical ways. 


You have an opportunity to impact lives every week through various ministries at Grace Hill Church. We want to find out what areas of ministry you are not only interested in, but also what areas you are gifted in to serve the local church. Just fill out this short form and you are one step closer to getting plugged into a serving team at Grace Hill.