As followers of Jesus, we are inspired to follow his example by meeting the needs of people and being a light for our community. 

We are fully committed to reaching our community through school partnerships. This is simply one of the greatest options for us and helps us carry the hope we have in Jesus into our community. Especially as we think about making a lasting impact on a generation we may not see!

Our primary school partnership is at Germantown Elementary School. Germantown Elementary is a unique school in that almost none of the kids who attend that school, live in the neighborhood where the school is located.

48.3% of the students who attend GES are economically disadvantaged.

Check out the diversity statistics for Germantown Elementary compared to Collierville Elementary School

Diversity at GES

Diversity at Collierville Elementary School

We have seen great things happen over the last few years because of this partnership and we are excited for what is to come!

For more information on how you can get involved in Compassion Ministry, email Jessica Risinger.


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