Elders function primarily as discerners and spiritual guardians of the church. They are not expected to oversee specific projects or ministry areas in their capacity as Elders. They function as spiritual overseers for the church. The Elders evaluate the effectiveness and direction of the church according to the following: 
1. The churchʼs vision and values. 
2. The churchʼs resources. 
3. The churchʼs doctrine. 

Elders do not determine programming. This responsibility falls primarily on the Staff team. However, the Elders are responsible for evaluating programming based on its appropriateness and effectiveness in furthering the overall mission of Grace Hill Church. 

In addition, Elders pray for the sick, provide examples to the congregation of godly leadership, and oversee church discipline. The Lead Pastor reports to the Elders and it is important to note that the Lead Pastor is always a member of the Elder board. 

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