Facilities Team:

This position is supervised by: Building and Grounds Team Leader and Lead Pastor
The goal of this position: Oversee the maintenance and upkeep of our entire property.


  • Performing light maintenance tasks or arranging for maintenance tasks to be performed by an outside vendor.

  • Keep a watchful eye over the facility to identify possible maintenance issues.

  • Arrange for two major church work days to see that the church and grounds are cleaned and groomed from top to bottom twice per year, usually in the Spring and Fall.

  • Insure compliance with all regulatory codes

  • Assist in prepping the building for the annual and semi-annual fire inspection

  • This team does not oversee environment decor or set designs for the church.

This position requires some flexibility during the week as needs may arise 

Members of this team need to have some background in building, construction, yard care, etc. 

Special qualifications or unique skills this position requires:

  • You must be teachable.

  • You must be considered “handy”.

  • You must have a servant’s heart.

  • You must be responsible.

  • You must be patient.