Beginning on September 1, we will begin a three-year capital campaign called “For the Future” where we are trusting God to raise an additional $280,000, over and above our regular tithes and offerings in that time. The 2019/2020 year goal is to raise $82,500.

Buildings don’t reach people, people reach people.

But, one way God has so richly blessed this church is with our church home. Our facility is a ministry tool to help us reach people just like yourself with the message and hope of Jesus. We worship God here, and we invite friends to visit here. We commit our families to the Lord here. We’ve met best friends here, and we are challenged, encouraged, and stretched by what takes place here.

We desire to see our building more sustainable and inviting, including improvements vital to the technologies that we use, projects to make us more known and visible to our community, as well as investment in our ministry opportunities.

We need to make this priority for our church, and in doing so, the elders have determined that the best way to accomplish this is to begin a capital campaign.

For 2019/2020, we are asking our church family to commit to giving (over and above your tithes and offerings) $82,500. $40,000 will go to replace one HVAC unit in the auditorium. $20,000 to begin the technology updates needed in the auditorium, $7,500 for signage, $7,500 for painting, and 10% toward ministry opportunities. We will begin these projects as the money is given to do them over the course of the next year.

For this first year,
we are seeking to raise $82,500 over and above our regular giving.

TOTAL PLAN= $280,000

amounts given based on percentages

2019/2020 PLAN= $82,500

amounts given based on percentages


Just like you desire your home to be warm and welcoming, we desire our church home to be the same. Our building is simply a tool to help people “find and follow Jesus.” Included in this plan are replacement of the HVAC units that service the auditorium and facility painting.

AUDITORIUM Technology:

All technology has a lifecycle, and we need to replace our aging and in some cases, obsolete microphone, monitoring system, sound system, video, stage, and house lighting. We want to ensure that our technology doesn’t hinder the communication of the message of Jesus and the worship of Jesus when we gather.


How many people have potentially driven past Grace Hill on 385, needed a church home but kept on driving because they didn’t know who we are? This plan will add a church-sign, attached to the building, facing the north side of the property.

GRACE HILL CHURCH 03-21-19.jpg

*proposed design, subject to change



We want to model the biblical principle of the tithe by designating 10% of every dollar given to go toward ministry in our church and city. This will allow our church family to generously respond to the needs around us as they become known.

next steps:

From now till August 18th, look at your budget, pray about how you will be involved, and commit to give. Ready to begin to give now? You can add a new giving designation under "for the future" under your online giving profile, or you can write a check and put "for the future" in the memo line.

Giving commitments will officially begin September 1.

Why wait? The elders and staff team realize that August is a tough month financially for many families who have kids that go back to school. We felt it was best to officially wait until September to allow as many of the families at GHC to participate.

BUT! Many of you may already know what you want to do. You can begin to give today if you desire. You can add a new account online under the “for the future” account in your online giving profile or write a check and put “for the future” in the memo line.


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