Guys/Girls Small Group Leader
This position is supervised by: Student Director
The goal of this position: The small group leader connects relationally with middle school and/or high school guys or girls to teach them, encourage them and connect with them relationally. They also partner with parents to provide help and support in equipping them to lead their students spiritually in their home. 


  • start and end small group on time

  • review weekly curriculum before small group

  • responsible for connecting relationally with kids through the discussion as well as intermittently outside of Sunday

This position requires one to two hours of prep time during the week and up to 2 hours of serving time on Wednesday Evenings. You are committing to faithfully fulfill this position for 1 school year. 

Training will be provided through one on one meetings, quarterly feedback sessions and yearly training sessions/conferences.

Special qualifications or unique skills this position requires:
You must be teachable.
You must be faithful in church and past volunteering positions.
You must be in agreement with the teachings and policies of our church.
You must have a servant’s heart.
You must feel at ease connecting to both adults and kids.
You must be responsible.
You must be patient.
You must be able to pass a multi-state background check