Worship Leader- Singer and Instrumentalist
This Position is Supervised By: Worship Leader
The Goal of This Position: The position of Worship Leader is vital to the discipleship of our church. This position uses music as an avenue to convey the truths and beauty of scripture to help people find and follow Jesus. Worship Leaders are used to craft the worship culture at Grace Hill Church by providing a distraction-free, excellent environment.


  • Help lead worship on Sunday morning

  • Report to worship rehearsal on time and be ready for downbeat

  • Know specific musical portions of song that pertain to your role on team in full by Sunday morning

  • Work with other team members and Worship Pastor throughout the week to clarify musical responsibilities

  • Responsible for discipling church through music

Time differs for position. Each member is required to accept Planning Center Invite within a week prior to serving opportunity. Worship leaders are required to be present 15 minutes before rehearsal begins and are finished with responsibilities at the end of Sunday service. 

Each person who desires to fill the position of worship leader will audition for Worship Pastor to determine best fit and avenue for ministry. Training is an active element of leading worship on Sunday mornings but also may include one on one discipleship with Worship Pastor in the field of worship theology or musical advancement.

Special Qualifications or Unique Skills Required:

  • Humble spirit

  • Teachable spirit

  • Talented musically (vocals, drums, keyboards, piano, guitars, bass, etc.)

  • Desire to grow musically and spiritually

  • Motivated

  • Desire to work well with a team

  • You must be in agreement with the vision, mission, and values of our church

Tech- Propresenter
The goal of this position: The Propresenter tech is vital to both the band and the congregation at large. The Propresenter tech coordinates with both the Worship Leader and Program Director to ensure all media and lyrics are put on all screens at the appropriate time. This is vital to ensure an excellent, distraction free environment so that we can help people find and follow Jesus more effectively. 


  • Operate Propresenter

  • Report to worship rehearsal before band does to ensure programs and screens are operating correctly

  • Know songs and media for the week you are scheduled to avoid any errors

  • Aid Lead Pastor with media for presentation during sermon

This position requires accepting Planning Center invite a week before scheduled time. This position also requires <1 an hour of prep per week. (Knowing and listening to songs we’re leading weekly). This position requires you report to worship venue before band does on Sunday morning, 7:45 AM. This position's responsibilities are complete at the end of the service.

Training is provided and should require 1 to 2 services of training with either Worship Pastor or Program Director.

Special qualifications or unique skills this position requires:

  • Servant heart

  • Humility

  • Aptitude towards technology

  • Teachable spirit

  • Attention to detail

  • You must be in agreement with the vision, mission, and values of our church