In late August, a category four hurricane caused widespread damage, destruction and flooding along the South Texas coastline.  As followers of Jesus, we want to put our compassion into action and help those who are struggling in the South Texas area. 

What is challenging is there will always be more need than resources to meet those needs, but that can't and won't stop us for helping. We are encouraging everyone who considers Grace Hill Church their home church to get involved and show our irrational generosity in three ways. 


1. Pray- This is something we can all do and we need to continue to be doing. Pray for the victims, pray for the rescuers and pray for the vast numbers of volunteers who are on the ground and for their safety. 

2. Give- There are a number of trusted organizations that you can donate financially to aid in helping families put their lives back together. Here are just a few. 

- Salvation Army

- Samaritains Purse

- 8 Days of Hope

3. Donate Box Fans- The rebuilding efforts will take months, in some cases even years. One of the most important steps to helping families get back in their homes is getting their homes dry. As teams make their way into the South Texas area to clean out homes and debris, box fans become a key part of the equation. Over the next week, we are asking every family at Grace Hill to purchase box fans, bring them to the church by Monday, September 11th, so they can be taken to a distribution center in Tupelo, MS. These fans will then be shipped to the South Texas area and be in homes by Wednesday, September 13th. We are working with the organization called 8 Days of Hope to deliver and use these fans in the rebuilding efforts in South Texas. 

If you have any questions, email us at