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Thank you so much for taking the time to attend Discover Grace Hill. We really believe that great things happen when people become aligned around a shared vision and learn how their story helps to make a lasting impact on others.

Below you will find the digital version of the Discover Grace Hill form that was distributed in the class. Plus, there is a short feedback section at the bottom of the form. We would love to hear your thoughts on Discover Grace Hill and how we can make it better for the next class. Thanks again!

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We ask for everyone to make a consistent effort to attend more than they miss. When you show up, you have a chance to be blessed, but to also be a blessing to those around you. Attending consistently will also foster a sense of connection to others and to what God is doing at Grace Hill.
The vision is too big and the stakes are too high to have people sitting on the sidelines! Plus, we really believe God has gifted everyone with ways to serve each other in a local church. We want to see your talents be put to use to grow in your faith and help others. We ask everyone to find a place to commit to serve, somewhere in the life of the church.
Sharing something you are excited about with others is a natural part of life. When you eat at a great restaurant, you share it with your friends. When you watch a great movie you tell others they have to go see it! We believe the greatest news in the world is the Good News of Jesus Christ and we believe it's worth sharing with everyone. Engage with a someone about coming with you to Grace Hill Church! You never know the impact a single invitation to church could have on someone's life!
Next to sacrificing time, giving sacrificially in your finances is one of the best ways to make a difference in this church in the lives of others. Don’t underestimate the gravity of giving. When you give, you step into the heart and character of God. He gave, so we give! What God has done and will do in your character and purpose because of your generosity will far outlast what you gave.
There is simply no better way to grow in your faith than to take personal responsibility for your spiritual growth.You might spend 40-50 hours per year engaged in a Sunday morning worship service, but you have thousands of hours per year to cultivate a heart for God outside of Sunday mornings. When you feel connected privately to Jesus, you will feel more connected to the local church. When you learn to "feed yourself" all week long, you are more apt to "sacrifice everything you can't keep, to make a lasting impact on a generation you may not see" when we gather together for worship. Here's the best news, you can grow privately, but you don't have to do it alone! We are here to partner with you!
Please list any observations about NEXT you may have. For instance: What went well? What could be better next time? What questions or content should we have included?