Compassion Ministry

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. Matthew 25:40 (NIV)

Meeting the needs of those in need.

We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and Compassion Ministry is our primary way of doing that in our community. We want to get out of our walls and get into the community and be the hands and feet of Jesus. As followers of Jesus, we are called to live out our faith by striving to bring peace and unity into our lives and our city. We intentionally reach across social boundaries to form relationships with those who are different than us. We embrace the reality that everyone was created equal by a loving God who wants us to love one another.

Strategic Partnerships

At Grace Hill Church, we believe in purposeful impact. Through strategic partnerships with four carefully chosen organizations, we channel our time, people power, financial resources, and prayers to make a lasting difference in key areas. By focusing our efforts, we aim to maximize our impact for the kingdom of God, forging strong alliances that bring about meaningful transformation.

Germantown Elementary

Since 2016, we've actively supported GES through projects, teacher aid, events, and student assistance. GES aligns closely with our vision at Grace Hill, and we're dedicated to its growth and success.


Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (FRC) serves as Collierville's resource hub for families in need. Grace Hill works with the FRC to provide physical resources for Collierville Schools' families, enhancing accessibility and visibility.


Agape Child and Family Services

Agape and Grace Hill collaborate to address the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of our city's under-resourced populations, fostering positive change together.

VIDEO: Agape and GHC

The Forsaken Children

Grace Hill supports The Forsaken Children's vision to break the power of poverty in Ethiopia. In 2024, we'll sponsor four girls, helping them escape the sex trade and live abundant lives.

VIDEO: The Forsaken Children

Three Postures

To do this, we believe that three postures towards our cities are necessary.


Have you noticed the world's pain and brokenness? In the story of God, people often find themselves in unfamiliar and challenging situations. In Jeremiah 29, God encourages those in exile to pursue the well-being of the city.


A merciful posture is likened to an image of someone tending to the wounds of the injured. Jesus tells the story of a passerby who compassionately tends to their injuries. This "Good Samaritan" simply recognizes someone in pain and responds with merciful care.


Justice is depicted as actively working to prevent further harm to others.In Acts 6, facing discrimination based on their past marriages, widows were being neglected in a temple program. The early church leaders intervened by appointing individuals to ensure these widows could fully participate in the food program, putting an end to the injustice.

GES Teachers Lunch

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Jessica Risinger

Director of School Partnerships

We literally could not have made it the last few years without the partnership between GES and Grace Hill Church! You guys always show up and serve any way we need you.
Admin at GES