We're here to help you follow Jesus.

Have you ever felt like your faith journey is at a standstill?

Have you ever wondered what the next step is?

Are you ready to take it?

While everything we do at Grace Hill helps people follow Jesus, there are three key environments we use to help people intentionally grow in their discipleship to Jesus.

Those are: Book Clubs, Community Groups and Classes.

Book Clubs

These environments meet 2-3 times per book and allow participants to engage in a wide range of topics from theology, to fiction and practical topics that all move us closer to the heart of Jesus. Book Clubs meet periodically throughout the year.

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Community Groups

A community group's two most important core principles are connection and care. We want people to develop deep friendships and have a community of believers that are caring for one another and tending to each other’s needs.

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The two core values of a class are content and challenge. Classes have a start and end time frame and are designed to go deep on a specific discipleship topic and challenge you to transform who you are and how you live.

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Have Questions?

Reach out to Kelly, our Director of Discipleship!

Kelly Stockdale

Director of Discipleship